What is this?

I have always wanted to be an artist or at least a person who creates. If you enjoy something here then I probably accomplished part of that goal. I would love it if you would leave a comment on here somewhere with your thoughts and/or constructive criticisms. Thanks for visiting.


Repairing the Hole in Me


Anonymous said...

This is Rachel from high school.
I like your art. It looks like stuff you would see in a coral reef. What medium are you using?
Have you sold anything?

Anonymous said...

Okay I'm a dummy and didn't read carefully. Digital. got it. Rachel

Alaska Girl said...

Hey - it's Jamie Cunningham from school - how are you? I LOVE your art! This one particularly spoke to me because I had to go to the doctor today to check the healing progress of my abdominal incisions. Perhaps it wasn't the kind of hole you were speaking of, but today it spoke to me in this very literal way!!!! Thanks - Jamie

Jerald said...

Thanks a lot ladies!